Thursday, February 16, 2012

Josh Trank: Chronicle

Chronicle, 20th Century Fox, 2012

With a crashing thud falls the American Cinema, as represented by the majority of our mass consumed product. When unknowns beat the big boys at their own game and fail just as miserably, we are in big trouble.

loaded with visually stunning, soulless CGI and really nothing else, this "gimmick" flick attempts to follow in the cinema verite footsteps of The Blair witch Project and Cloverfield. The problem is, the script is so poorly written, the acting so arbitrary and direction so misguided that we are aware we are watching something false meant to be taken as real. This conundrum may sound interesting in theory, but just plain does not work. Bad filmmaking is bad filmmaking.

Impressive effects aside, this wannabe super hero/actioner leaves the more discerning viewer with much to be desired.

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