Saturday, February 26, 2011

D.J. Caruso and Jaume Collet-Serra:The Crap Trap

The two most popular live action films in the nation right now are material proof that all facets of a motion picture must be in synch for the final product to succeed on all levels, not only monetarilly.

D.J. Caruso and Jaume Collet-Serra have proven themselves adept visionaries of the modern B picture as big budget studio product. Caruso rose from fantasy fluff television director to feature genre popcorn auteur with a number of visceral ventures(The Salton Sea,Taking Lives, Disturbia and Eagle Eye). His new "movie" I Am Number Four is a dismally hackneyed fusion of Twilight and Smallville, a wretched script brought to us with all the typical trimmings, boring actors (excepting Timothy Olyphant), eyesore CGI and all this entails. That the populace has eaten it up is no surprise. Hopefully his next film is a return to pulpy pop culture form.

Collet-Serra showed promise with the trashy fun of his teen slasher remake House of Wax, then delivered the goods with the creepy modernized killer child thriller Orphan. Unknown, the most seen film in our country right now, is a headache inducing thriller from a mediocre at best screenplay, playing off of Liam Neeson's success last year in the thriller Taken. That Neeson and company survive the boring wreckage attests to their proffessionalism.

These two filmmakers are perfect examples of interesting studio helmers getting caught up in the crap trap, which begins with an industry sanctioned screenplay that's been made a dozen times already.

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