Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A New Decade : The Future of Film

January 12, 2011

Welcome to my little place where we can exult together in the power of the moving image. Cinema has always for me been the ultimate art form, a way we, as human beings, express our hopes, dreams and desires. No other medium, not even the written word, utilizes every outlet of mortal expression to illuminate our triumphs and our frailties.

In the past decade, we have seen vast changes in the medium, struggling even more now to reconcile it's beauty with it's moorings as a big business. CGI and 3-D have signaled a death knell to many, but like any facet of the art form, it all depends on how it is used.

Von Trier, Lynch, Polanski, Eastwood, Malick, Aronofsky, Penn, Van Sant and Mann were the champions of the past decade in film, moving us in masterly ways which showed us there was and always will be so much more to be done with the craft of cinema. It truly is a magic lantern, always shining to guide us back home. I am hopeful as always for the possibilities in this next decade in cinema.

Please join me for the journey!

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  1. Do people watch movies in Cinema's anymore? My experience in the last few years; I watch movies on my little Mac and lots of them. A theatre has less of a place today with all the easily accessible content online, the exception has been 3D, but that too is coming to consumers.

    Film is on borrowed time with the increasing use of digital cinema cams. The pipeline is increasingly digital, and the pipe is getting cheaper and more universal. We can look forward to increasing democratization of cinema making, tools are cheap, an individual with her laptop can perform every task of post-production. The files are never printed to plastic, why should they? The distribution of films will be a matter of data, data that copies without cost, without degradation, and without physical transport. Likely we won't suffer encryption DRM like we have, its easily cracked and alienating to legit users. We'll likely see streaming "just in time" content.

    Is Cinema to follow the Stage? are films loosing relevance?
    I think we'll find that a cinema is far from over, but that elements of cinema will fuse with interactive media. New tech means photo-real imagery synthesized in realtime. I think we can use the methods developed by film towards an Augmented Cinema, chimeric with the users gaze and an informatic world made whole frame by frame.

    virgil polit