Friday, August 31, 2012

Jose Padilha: Elite Squad: The Enemy Within

Wagner Moura, Elite Squad: The Enemy Within, Variance Films, 2011.

Continuing his riveting tale of a special Rio police task force straddling the moral line between law and crime, one of South America's masters, Jose Padilha, delivers a sequel rare in that its worthy of its brilliant predecessor.

Elite Squad: The Enemy Within is raw, lived in, ultimately transcendent. The writer-director's excursion into the psyche of Latin-American masculinity by way of a police procedural crime drama feels original and intense. Wagner Moura and Andre Ramiro play two sides of the coin; friends, brothers, colleagues, they are both specimens of repressed masculinity bordering on rage and violence.

While the first film was one of the most important Latin-American films of the past decade, its searing sequel feels very necessary, brilliantly so.

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