Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Justin Lin: One Last Job?(Fast Five)

20 Reasons I Love Justin Lin's Fast Five:

1) The series is culturally significant as a measure of our country's fixation on violence, fast cars and masculinity.
2) Justin Lin is an underrated auteur, from his auspicious debut Better Luck Tomorrow on up to his action extravaganzas.
3) Vin Diesel is an old fashioned action star, reveling in his rugged rambunctiousness.
4) Dwayne Johnson has a magnetic screen prescence - you can't stop watching him.
5) Paul Walker's varnished good boy gone bad is pitch perfect.
6) Jordana Brewster is the Demi Moore of her generation.
7) Chris Morgan's simplistically sublime screenwriting is an action connosieur's delight.
8) Brian Tyler crafts yet another rousingly great music score.
9) A cast of stereotypes comes to big screen life before our eyes, commenting on the cliche.
10) The supporting cast unifies all of the secondary characters from the first four flicks.
11) Crisply typical cinematography perpetuating complex visual spaces.
12) Irresistable character actor Joaquim de Almeida is incendiary as the villain.
13) Shimmering, beautiful Rio locations.
14) Some of the most joltingly staged action set pieces to come along in some time.
15) An epic sweep almost unrivaled in mainstream movies.
16) Plot inanities blur the exposition into the realms of the surreal.
17) A heist scene that looks and feels unlike any other.
18) Fistfight of the silver screen Gods between Diesel and Johnson.
19) Pure guilty cinema pleasure has never been more potent.
20) The power of pop trash reminds us why we go to the multiplexes in the first place.

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