Thursday, April 14, 2011

David Gordon Green: Adolescent Male Fantasy (Your Highness)

The male adolescent fixation on boobs, dick jokes and pot smoking has been a lasting source of motivation in a great many American comedies over the past thirty odd years. To combine this element with the eighties fantasy adventure/dweeb role playing is close to genius.

David Gordon Green has (d)evolved in peculiarly twisted ways since he stepped onstage a decade ago. His first four films (George Washington,All the Real Girls,Undertow and Snow Angels) announced the arrival on scene of a pure and gifted auteur paying homage to his Seventies masters. Then came Pineapple Express, a hugely successful stoner comedy which threw a golden wrench into his game. It will be interesting to watch his career en route, and Your Highness seems to be the logical movie to follow his biggest success.

Inspired idiot savant Danny McBride (Eastbound and Down, The Foot Fist Way) co-writes and stars in a delightfully skewed mashup of Dragonslayer,Magic and Cheech and Chong which takes freeingly juvenile liberties with its top drawer cast (James Franco, Natalie Portman,Justin Theroux and Zooey Deschanel) while staying true to the genre with fanciful sets and costumes as well as eye popping visual and creature effects.The epic scope of Green's vision and Steve Jablonsky's rip roaring score remain honorable to the old school fantasy adventure while having a grand time out, having as much fun with the picture as the audience surely will

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